Jargon, cliches, misspelled words and poor grammar reflect poorly on your business. 

Susan Prior – writer for hire

Do you need a professional writer? Or perhaps your own words need an extra polish? The words you use to describe your business and the service you provide must be professional, effective and compelling. And people need to be able to find you – this is called search engine optimisation (SEO). If you choose the right words, they will.

Conveying your message, and expressing yourself clearly and succinctly are not always easy, which is where a copywriter can help. Good writing and editing come with knowledge and experience. And writing a good yarn requires a deft touch.

I provide a range of writing services for my clients. Words are my business, so if it has anything to do with words and writing, I can help. I can develop, write, edit, and give advice on any content you may need.

I’m the kind of writer and editor who asks her clients the smart questions —

I will help you to get the words right and show you how to tailor your material to your audience. Make sure your communications enhance your business. Contact me now.