Jargon, cliches, misspelled words and poor grammar reflect poorly on your business.
Write-now! can ensure your communications are clear, unambiguous, and as direct as possible.

Words are her business. If it has anything to do with words and writing, Susan Prior at Write-now! can help. Choosing the right word – le mot juste – conveying your message, and expressing yourself clearly and succinctly are not always easy. Good writing and editing is an art that requires knowledge and experience. And writing a good yarn requires a deft touch.

Susan has years of experience and provides a high-quality personal service. She will give your writing and communications the all-important professional edge you need. Susan will help you to get the words right and show you how to tailor your material to your audience.

She can write and edit to tight deadlines and will work with you to ensure you are happy with the end product, whether it is a book, a brochure, or a website. It is important for Susan to build a rapport with her clients, to respect their work, and to enhance their ideas.

Contact Susan about any of your communication needs.